Thursday, April 20, 2006


What are Sponges?

-Sponges are in the phylum Porifera which means pore-bearer.
-Sponges are asymmetrical aquatic animals that have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
-Most sponges live in a marine environment
100 of 5000 live in fresh water
-Sponges are sessile invertebrates that have no true tissue or organs. A simple sponge is hollow cylinders.
-The body wall is made of two layers of cells seperated by jellylike substance called meshyl.
Choanocyes-is the inner layer that draws water.
Ostia(pores)-the penetrate the body wall. Water leaves through the osculum.
-The body is supported by a skeleton made of spongion spicules or both.
*Pore cell(ostio)-Bring water carrying food and oxygen into the sponge.
*Epithelial Cells-thin,flat cells control opening in pore cells.
*Colar cells(choanocytes)-Flagellated cells that line the inner surface of a sponge.
*Amoebocytes-locted between the two cell layers, carry nutrients and aid in reproduction.
*Spicules-form the hand support system of sponges.
Sponges can reproduce asexually through:
producing buds or gemmules
regenrration of missing parts
Budding new sponges that break off and form new sponges
They reproduce sexualy through the joining off egg and sperm.
Most sponges are hermaphrodites, which can produce both egg and sperm.
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